ICC Lifting boost is based on controlled guided maximal resistance at full range of motion. This system will  increase your lift capacity significantly!!!

No fail: No gain!!


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Physical activity is medicine for older adults

  1. Denise Taylor

If your competitive edge is what counts for you, then you believe in the impossible. You need the impossible. Otherwise, how can you possibly reach for your greatest potential?


ICC Press Power Boost System is a method of maximising Press Power for every lift based on MaXimal Resistance at Total Range. What this means is that you meet your "Impossible Threshold" every move, for a second or two, but you are "allowed" to beat it, until you simply don't. 

This revolutionary method in Press Boosting can be done with EVERY lift requirement, with direct or support targeting. The results are impressive.

Along with that, we couple with treatment modalities to help the tissue regenerate quickly, prevent injuries and maximize the sought after gain by avoiding wasting physiological process on collateral healing (from unnecessary and avoidable mechanisms of injury). 


Your results will speak for themselves and your gains will be noticeable within a week of Boosting.

In addition: Induced Fatigue through Assisted training systems (Mechanical MedTech)

  • Resistance training (by reducing your own weight pressure on your back, hips, legs, knees and ankles. Less pressure, less pain, less damage and more movement!!

  • Cardiovascular training leading to repetitive endurance increments

  • Increased flexibility with mild assisted gentle stretching. No umph about it. Just consistence and patience.

As mentioned, our concentrated sessions combine several modalities and muscle rehabilitation strategies to boost your healing process and our "in clinic" rehabilitation programs (free to you) can assist you in your attempt at resolving these issues permanently.

We combine these modalities, as prescribed individually: (Click on the name for more information if desired)

What our patients say about ICC's Power Boost System:

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