Variable Resistance Body Boost

Rehabilitative Fitness

Our sytem of variable resistance stimulates muscle, joint, ligament and tendon strength, flexibility and increase in length and mass. 

Body Boost

Assisted Progressive Resistance aimed at peak performance

KiroPluss coordination systems


Effectiveness of Chiropractic: Click Here

Noninvasive Treatments for Acute, Subacute, and Chronic Low Back Pain: A Clinical Practice Guideline From the American College of Physicians (2017)

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Variable Resistance Fitness and Empowerment is part of both, our Body Boost system and our  Rehabilitative Fitness (Therapeutic Fitness) programs. The idea here is not to do rehabilitation that brings you back to the same state you where before you injured yourself or felt enough pain to seek help. The idea is to get you to a state where you are stronger and more able then BEFORE you sought our help.


With this system you will be able to not only return to function, but more so and ideally, to reach new levels of performance: More strength, more flexibility, more endurance. You see, as great as a precise and technically applied Chiropractic Adjustment is a great intervention, it does not lengthen or strengthen your muscles, ligaments or tendons. Well, the joint complex is not composed only of bones and cartilage, it's also composed of muscles, ligaments and tendons! Our approach is a comprehensive approach that physiologically and therapeutically stimulates all of these components. The result: A more able, stronger and less painful state. 

We don't aim at reducing your pain, but at eliminating it all together, and helping you reach a level of function where your life quality is much improved.

Our Assisted Resistance System, Rehab  Fitness and Therapeutic Fitness systems are combined in the clinic with:

What our patients say about ICC's Chiropractic technique:

"I Hadde dette vært et spisested og jeg en anmelder hadde de fortjent en Michelin stjerne eller to- så godt fornøyd er jeg." Halvor S

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