Our Techniques

We utilise techniques and therapeutic modalities designed to maximise the results while giving you a pleasant experience.

Every therapeutic approach is different. What makes our clinic special? Our's is an approach that mixes the pain and rehabilitation techniques with the assistive athletic performance enhancement systems to achieve not only the reduction or elimination of pain, but the stabilisation, strengthening, stretching of tissue and endurance enhancement protocols, techniques and modalities that are designed to work together effectively as to boost your body's natural healing and empowerment capacity.


The idea is not to do several things that do the same (you can only increase circulation so much) but to do different things that boost each other's physiological outcome. The concept here is to do as much as possible within a therapeutic event (session) aiming at accelerating and increasing the ideal physiological response: Reduction of Pain, Increased Mobility, Increased Strength, Increased Endurance, Increased Recovery Index

Please click on each modality for a greater explanation of what each one is and does:

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