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Best Body - Best Wave

TheBest Wave finds the Best You

"Anbefales til de som trenger ekstra god behandling! Alle er flinke fra kundeservice, kiropraktor og til massør!"  Marineth Encallado Jalowiecka

Surfing is not a sport, not an activity, not a pastime: Surfing is the silence that comes with being in the wave.

Well then, lets ride it best.

To ride the best wave you have to be at your best: Skill, Skill, Skill.

Enhance and support your Skill with better technique, increasing strength, eliminating pain, increasing stamina and  flexibility from within a Surfing Universe.

These resources directly relate to your body capacity where they lead to prowess and not just to the absence of restrictions or the absence of pain.

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Ramy Shaker


"Andre kiropraktoren jeg har vært hos. Meget dyktig og trygg i det han gjør. Anbefales!"

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