Self-help is an integral part of our rehabilitation methodology. The idea is to stimulate the body properly and efficiently minimizing ill effects and maximizing positive and productive outcomes. 

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Effectiveness of Chiropractic: Click Here

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All "self-help" videos are designed to be done with cooperation and supervision of our team, please do them carefully and follow the instructions. As with all rehabilitation, these are dependent strategies, that is, they work within given criteria (for example absence of inflammation in some cases etc)

First, Back Extensions: These are necessary and useful when the back is weak or tense. These are performed without pain. Bending forward is careful and to where there is no discomfort. Follow the instructions carefully

Next are chest stretches, these are assisted. The purpose here is to stretch the pectoral muscles painlessly.

Next is the thoracic spine stretch. This stretch is designed to help you regain mobility and get rid of tension in the mid back.

Reflex Neck Stretching: This routine uses "compression and release" relaxation strategy  forces the muscle to relax before we stretch it.

These strategies are coupled with our Clinical Rehab methods to enhance treatment outcomes. The therapeutic modalities which are synergized to these self-help rehabilitation exercises are below explained:

What our patients say about ICC's self-help system

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