ICC Racing boost is based on comfortable mechanically asisted "Contract-Relax-Stretch" Reflex muscle elongation, resistance augmentation (per stride), adhesion elimination, re establishment of muscle and joint function.

Increased Stamina


Effectiveness of Chiropractic: Click Here

Effects of exercise on cardiovascular performance in the elderly

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Physical activity is medicine for older adults

  1. Denise Taylor

Running is a special sport. It is a combination of mental consistency, detailed repetitiveness, focussed maintenance, regulated expression of the maximal. It is tough. We don't need distracting dysfunctions to add to the task of racing well: Stiffness, pain, weakness, poor muscle response, decreased energy, body heaviness etc etc.


All those can go away.Racing is about moving the body so fast, that speed is lost, and we begin to fly: Racing is the ultimate freedom.

ICC Flexibility Boost System (Body Range Dynamics) is a method of maximising Muscle Length without weakening ligaments and muscle attachments. The system couples Elongation, Propieceptive Re-Education through reflexes, detail coordination exercises to tune detail movement and decrease "shaking" due to "fasciculations" and balance training, all done within a set of self help routines that concentrate the effort to effect ratio in an incredible way. You will be mechanically assisted so that you can focus intensly on the empowering routine while the body is subjected to neuro-physiological motivators that lead to the desirable improvements you seek. 

This revolutionary method in Assisted Stretch-Balance-Coordinate routines can be done within an increase in range of motion FROM THE FIRST SESSION, with assistance in pull or push within an unlimited variety of movements, every movement, every time. The results are, again, impressive.

As with the other strategies, and Along with that, we couple with treatment modalities to help the tissue regenerate quickly, prevent injuries and maximize the sought after gain by avoiding wasting physiological process on collateral healing (from unnecessary and avoidable mechanisms of injury). 


With all our Synergistic Incremental Systems, your results will speak for themselves and your gains will be noticeable within a week of Boosting.

In addition: Induced Fatigue through Assisted training systems (Mechanical MedTech)

  • Resistance training (by reducing your own weight pressure on your back, hips, legs, knees and ankles. Less pressure, less pain, less damage and more movement!!

  • Cardiovascular training leading to repetitive endurance increments

  • Increased flexibility with mild assisted gentle stretching. No umph about it. Just consistence and patience.

As mentioned, our concentrated sessions combine several modalities and muscle rehabilitation strategies to boost your healing process and our "in clinic" rehabilitation programs (free to you) can assist you in your attempt at resolving these issues permanently.

We combine these modalities, as prescribed individually: (Click on the name for more information if desired)

What our patients say about ICC's Flex-Balance-Coordinate Boost System:

"Veldig fornøyd og de brukte god tid"

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