General weakness can have many causes, but some of them can be corrected by reducing or eliminating muscular pain syndromes, joint problems and proper gentle assistive rehabilitation.

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Generalized weakness can come from very simple and innocent causes:

  • Bad diet

  • Pain syndromes

  • Sleeping Disorders

  • Over training

  • Stress

  • Generalized reflex tension

Or it can extend from seroius disorders:

  • Endocrine [Hormonal]

  • Absortion problems

  • Anemia

  • Diabettes

  • Thyroid, Pytuitary and other gland disorders

  • Cancer

Again, adequate diagnosis is essential.

Our approach is to bring back to function the muscular, joint and nerve reflex elements that lead to generalized weakness. We also complement our approach with assistive rehabilitation exercises. 

Our combined or coupled therapeutic modality strategy aims at: Reducing muscular tension which can affect origin and attachment of muscles and create painful inflammatory reactions. Increasing blood flow to the area to "wash away" inflammation mediators and assist in the nutrient and reparation driven processes. Restoring function (reflex and voluntary) to joints and muscles associated with the headache complex and decreasing the pain by inducing the production of endorphins.

With the addition of our free, self help in clinic rehabilitation program, each patient can then continue with the process of changing the failed structure (short tight and weak muscles and ligaments) into functional and structurally sound ones.

About half of adults have a headache in a given year. Tension headaches (muscle joint syndromes) are the most common, affecting about 1.6 billion people (21.8% of the population) followed by migraine headaches which affect about 848 million (11.7%).

As mentioned, our concentrated sessions combine several modalities and muscle rehabilitation strategies to boost your healing process and our "in clinic" rehabilitation programs (free to you) can assist you in your attempt at resolving this issues permanently.

We combine these modalities, as prescribed individually: (Click on the name for more information if desired)

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