We are a group of dedicated practitioners that place your well being over everything else. Our business model is simple: We understand that patients that are cared for, refer people that they care about.

Let us begin with two propositions:



There are many approaches to health care, but “health” is rarely an extension of being "cared for" by any medical discipline. This is because there is much more to being healthy than to be “treated".

Certainly “Health" is an extension of the way we live, and not in the pill we take. Yes, medication, even surgery, can assist us in getting to a state of vitality or “health”, but these and other therapeutic modalities are not the way to get there. They are a way to remove obstacles that may keep us from getting there, but the journey in itself is other than the removal of these obstacles. 


Being healthy is more an extension of a decision than of anything else, and the decision is: "I want to live life to the fullest”. 


The rest is a process, and a coordination of resources, that gets us to reach that goal and to maintain it.

From elderly people: The Norwegian farmer, the field worker, the athlete, or the Chinese KunDo practitioner, I have always been fascinated by the expression of vitality, masterfulness, and capacity. Not so much as one sees it in the young, where health is acceptably a given, but from those whom we assume that they should be less, but instead, express so much more. People who live every day of their lives in a way that each breath, each step, each event, is not hampered or diminished by physical impediments, but instead it is powerfully and joy-ably expressed to it's fullest, at any age.


I have been around the “athletic” lifestyle practitioners since I was very young, but meeting elderly “Masters” truly impressed me. These were men in their later years who lived as if they were in their twenties; Flexible, strong, steady, precise, powerful and graceful. The elderly young, I would say. This to me was the effective definition of health and in that, also a constant, and not an exception. Well, like with all things, we tend then to associate what we learn from one thing unto the many, and this realization became part of a broader one, and that was, that health is like all things done as they should be and not an isolated concept, but one that has a relation to “everything"; an expression of yes, “appropriateness". (The right thing, for the right reason, the right way, naturally). 


We see then expressions of health in many environments. We see health and power in nature, in society, in ourselves and in our thoughts. In a way, and strangely, Health and “truth” are very similar concepts as they both are a metaphor for that which is in itself what it should be. In other words, in order to be “healthy” we have to be “true” to ourselves in the way we live and in expressing what we are, undiminished, un-compromised and fully. One could say hence, that health is the end result not of consuming something, but of the understanding and joyful exercise of a duty of expressed completeness.

The best way to stay healthy is to live life to it's fullest

“Health is not the absence of disease, but a vital extension of a well-lived life”

“None of us wants to wait to die more comfortably, we all want to live better”

 Live life to its fullest... there is no better way to stay healthy. 

 Strength, vitality, endurance, flexibility.... Therapeutics that motivate, assist, stimulate... 

 Every single one of our team members is dedicated cooperate effectively for your benefit in coordinating our therapeutic programs. Since our program relies on and includes free self-help rehabilitation sessions, our staff is well informed and can guide you to participate in these programs with ease by pointing to you where to receive the information and instructions that are of most help to you.  


Even though our "self-empowerment" or self-help programs can be performed with our clinical equipment or at home, you will receive equally useful and effective information and sources. Our therapeutic or rehabilitation fitness programs that are composed of challenging and fun exercises that are extremely effective and with the assistance of our staff, your therapeutic outcome will be maximized.


Because of their guidance, you will find these to be pain-free, assisted systems of stimulation where anyone can begin from minus resistance and achieve when ready, very high levels of challenging resistance. (☐ learn more here about this)

We are here to serve you: 

We combine, as required: (Click on the name for more information if desired)

     Variable Resistance Empowerment

         Therapeutic and Rehabilitation Fitness

             • Joint

             • Muscle

             • Ligament

             • Tendon

             • Nerve Reflex

    InterCare Chiropractic Mild Force Technique

             • Specific Patient Assisted Minor Force

    Dry Needle Therapy

             • Quick thrust and take away

    Motor nerve stimulation

             • Electrical Muscle stimulation

    Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy

             • Myo-Arthro Rehab

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