We are a group of dedicated practitioners that place your well being over everything else. 

Our business model is simple: We understand that patients that are cared for, refer people that they care about.

Our team is a group of dedicated, experienced, caring and trained professionals that are here to assist you in your functional recovery away from the limitations of pain, weakness, and stiffness.


We have amongst our team and associates, Chiropractors, Rehab Specialists, Massage Therapists, and clinical management personnel all trained to make your experience a rewarding and pleasant one. 

We combine, as required: (Click on the name for more information if desired)

     Variable Resistance Empowerment

         Therapeutic and Rehabilitation Fitness

             • Joint

             • Muscle

             • Ligament

             • Tendon

             • Nerve Reflex

    InterCare Chiropractic Mild Force Technique

             • Specific Patient Assisted Minor Force

    Dry Needle Therapy

             • Quick thrust and take away

    Motor nerve stimulation

             • Electrical Muscle stimulation

    Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy

             • Myo-Arthro Rehab

We are here to serve you: 

Our Team in Mexico 

Dr. Armando Soto (Doctor of Chiropractic) is our clinical director and a Clinical and Academic honors graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic West, San Jose California, USA.


Upon graduating, he received a job offer to join the faculty as an associate professor. He has set up clinics in Norway (20 years), Mexico and the Philippines.

"My experience with spinal and joint manipulation began in 1978 I was also introduced to other healing disciplines where joint manipulation or "joint cracking" was a tool, specifically those utilized in the art of KunTao which I practice since I am 12 years old. 

Needless to say, entering Chiropractic school was a life-changing experience. There is no substitute for science, and when blended with an appreciation for people and a desire for being part of other's success stories, well, you can't have a better life carreer."

"I don't subscribe to the idea that treatments are the situational solution. I believe

Living Better is the only way to stay healthy."

"Chiropractic is not the only solution for every problem. All disciplines synergized are a better process, therapeutically and physiologically, than any one is on its own."

"Therefore my philosophy in HealthCare is simple: Be a part of the better solution and aim at the best result possible, which is A vital and meaningful life for our patients."

DJorge Ivan Contreras Romero, M.D. (Family Practice, Surgeon)


"My experience within the medical environment begins as I graduate from University in the blood bank at San Javier hospital. I was an evaluating physician.


Later, I begun in the medical emergency field of the regional hospital, and in the field of medical tourism. 


My relationships with my patients during those years have shown me that the fact of helping people to have a better quality of life is central to my choice of becoming a medical professional

Our Norwegian Team 

Sofia is our patient and organization contact. She is also a massage therapist with several years experience.

Sarah is our patient and organization contact. She is also a massage therapist with several years experience

"Mitt mål er å forsikre meg om at pasienten får riktig informasjon og pasientoppfølging, samtidig som jeg ønsker å hjelpe folk tilbake til en smertefri og funksjonell hverdag. Jeg trives godt på Linderud Kiropraktor fordi miljøet såpass vennlig og immøtekommende samtidig som det har pasientens helse i fokus. "

Filip Pegrim is our Chiropractic Physician. He is very is a dedicated professional who has mastered our clinical approach and special technique which utilizes minimal and comfortable maneuvers.


Martin Boassen is our General Clinic Manager and our lead Myo-Arthro (Muscle and Joint) rehabilitation specialist. He has experience successfully treating olympic athletes and complex chronic pain cases.

"Det å bry seg om folk er mer en å bare gi en god behandling derfor er det viktig for meg å kunne hjelpe folk til en mer funksjonell og smertefri hverdag, Samt å hjelpe dem å finne måter de selv kan bedre sin situasjon på innen hverdagens hektiske rammer."

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