Neck pain is quite debilitating and limiting. You can't turn, you can't move your body or hold your head. It is hard to sleep, hard to focus... We understand and will do our best to help you. 


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Neck pain can result from very many different causes, from trauma to tension to chronic injuries obeying to traumatizing postural demands.


Neck pain is also very often associated with dizziness, blurred vision, headaches, shoulder pain, and many other symptoms.


Here the anatomy to give you an idea of it's complexity:

Besides the obvious neck pain, there are other indications that your neck is not structurally or functionally as it should:

  • Can move or turn more on one side than the other

  • Difficulty holding your head straight

  • Noises when turning your head

  • Big ball in the base of your neck

  • Assymetries in the neck muscles

  • Problems in the hands or arms


Just as with everything else, the diagnosis is very important. It is also very important to use a therapeutic technique that will be gentle, effective and appropriate.

With the addition of our free, self help in clinic rehabilitation program, each patient can then continue with the process of changing the failed structure (short tight and weak muscles and ligaments) into functional and structurally sound ones.


As mentioned, our concentrated sessions combine several modalities and muscle rehabilitation strategies to boost your healing process and our "in clinic" rehabilitation programs (free to you) can assist you in your attempt at resolving this issues permanently.


We combine these modalities, as prescribed individually: (Click on the name for more information if desired)​

What our patients say about ICC's headache treament:

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