Low back pain can come from something as simple as a cramped muscle, or as complex as a disc herniation. You need an expert to tell the difference and treat you accordingly. 

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Effectiveness of Chiropractic: Click Here

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Low back pain is experienced by most people during their lifetime. Whether it is sudden low back pain or low back pain after running, it is experienced by many patients. Most of the time the causes are innocent and easy to treat. Self-treatment options are also very often effective:

  • Heat or cold

  • Stretching

  • Training

  • Good posture

  • Yoga

  • Martial Arts training

  • Staying fit 


Medical treatment of low back commonly involves pain medication, which can be extremely helpful and beneficial. This reduces the amount of pain, even eliminating pain episodes, but in most cases, does not resolve the structural or reflex cause of the low back pain.

  • Disc Herniations

  • Muscle strains

  • Ligament or tendon sprains

  • Nerve dysfunction

  • Joint degeneration

  • Inflammation

  • Reflex tension

  • Postural dysfunction

  • Occupational demands

  • Sports injuries that result in some of the above

  • Infrequent strenous activities [seasonal]


Our combined or coupled therapeutic modality strategy aims at: Reducing muscular tension which can affect origin and attachment of muscles and create painful inflammatory reactions. Increasing blood flow to the area to "wash away" inflammation mediators and assist in the nutrient and reparation driven processes. Restoring function (reflex and voluntary) to joints and muscles associated with the headache complex and decreasing the pain by inducing the production of endorphins.


With the addition of our free, self help in clinic rehabilitation program, each patient can then continue with the process of changing the failed structure (short tight and weak muscles and ligaments) into functional and structurally sound ones.


As mentioned, our concentrated sessions combine several modalities and muscle rehabilitation strategies to boost your healing process and our "in clinic" rehabilitation programs (free to you) can assist you in your attempt at resolving this issues permanently.


We combine these modalities, as prescribed individually: (Click on the name for more information if desired)


What our patients say about ICC's headache treament:

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