Every mom has to be different, because every family is a world of its own, and each has its qualities and needs. In as much as we can share much that we have in common, ours is unique. We understand this perfectly. 


Having pain is not about "feeling pain" but more so, about not being able to do things that are very, very important, pressing, essential and immediate.


Your goal is not to resolve or eliminate Pain and Dysfunction. Your goal is to be the Mom that you need to be.

What we do as individuals affects our group. We are the one that is many. Our ability and capacity as individuals not only grants us a better life but more so we become part of that better environment that empowers others we care about.

Pain and dysfunction can keep you from producing, expressing and sharing whatever you mean to. But not only that, restoring the capacity and ability to get things done ensures that you get there.

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