We are a group of dedicated practitioners that place your well being over everything else. Our business model is simple: We understand that patients that are cared for, refer people that they care about.

Vi er et moderne helse-, velvære-, fitness- og vitalitetsenter som tilbyr kiropraktikk, massasje, el-stimulasjon,  tørrnål- terapi, thermoterapi i én og samme behandling. Vårt fokus er helseorienterte alternativer, og å hjelpe våre klienter oppnå deres egen, optimale, funksjonelle velvære.

We are a clinic focused on rehabilitative empowerment that aims not only that your problem disappears, but that what is now a dysfunctional, weak and painful structure in your body, becomes a functional, able and strong structure (muscle, joint, ligament, tendon or process). This concept extends from the understanding that what takes the pain away does not necessarily resolve the problem (aspirin does not remove muscle knots). Our approach / goal is to relieve you from pain from the first visit, but to do it in the most intelligent way: To make you well in a way that you stay well.

You can't enjoy anything you do if you have to endure pain while doing it. We not only want to help you get rid of your pain, we want for you a life that is pain free, rewarding and enjoyable. We want to be part of your success story.


For that we engage in our system of either Therapeutic or Rehabilitative Fitness which effectively lead to Rehabilitative Empowerment. 


The Therapeutic Fitness model is used when we engage at removing your pain while carefully and simultaneously stimulating healing mechanisms within your body. This triggers reactions (which can be uncomfortable) and we try to ensure that those reactions are positive and effectively productive by intervening as these develop. We aim this way to make sure that your recovery is the most comfortable possible. This approach we utilize for example when there is painful inflammation (prolapses, tears etc)


The second approach is where the cause of your problem is not so delicate, where there is minimal or no inflammation or where it is mostly due to tension (pathologic hypertonic reflex). Here, our system of Rehabilitative fitness is a bit more engaging in a way where you will be stimulating muscle growth, strength and endurance to substitute for tense weakness (hypertonic dysfunction).

Rehabilitiative Empowerment is where the structures are now free from injury (pathologically clear) and now can be strengthened to where now they do in fact, what they where designed to do: Lift, move and act pain free with flexibility, strength and endurance. Now here, you do most of the work. We guide you and give you the tools necessary (our rehab section is free of cost to patients an non patients alike). We do this not only with our best intentions and our desire to help you, but because we know that those who are cared for refer people they care about. When you are better, we do better.


That is, we want not only to rid you of your pain, but more so, to help you regain strength, stamina, flexibility and structural integrity within the same number of visits (treatments) that typically only help you get rid of pain. How can we do this? Because we start rehabilitating at the same time that we start treating and we create a physician to patient partnership that works on reaching for the goal of natural and healthy function.


Our programs include free self help rehabilitation sessions that can be performed with our clinical equipment or at home that are composed of challenging and fun exercises that are extremely effective. These are pain free, assisted systems of stimulation where we can begin from minus resistance and achieve when ready, very high levels of challenging resistance. ( learn more here about this)

In addition, our treatments don't consist only of joint manipulation (adjustment) which is enormously beneficial in itself, but our complemented and concentrated sessions combine several modalities and muscle rehabilitation strategies to boost your healing process at the same price as a typical adjustment only visit will cost you.

We combine, as required: (Click on the name for more information if desired)

We are here to serve you: 

Sofia is our patient and organization contact. She is also a massage therapist with x years experience.


Sarah is bla bla blafia is our patient and organization contact. She is also a massage therapist with x years experience


Filip Pegrim is our Chiropractic Physician. He is very is a dedicated professional who has mastered our clinical approach and special technique which utilises minimal and comfortable manoeuvres.


Miartin Boassen is our General Clinic Manager and our lead rehabilitation specialist. He has experience succesfully treating olympic athletes and complex chronic pain cases.

"Det å bry seg om folk er mer en å bare gi en god behandling derfor er det viktig for meg å kunne hjelpe folk til en mer funksjonell og smertefri hverdag, Samt å hjelpe dem å finne måter de selv kan bedre sin situasjon på innen hverdagens hektiske rammer."

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