Body Boost is a rehabilitation strategy that goes beyond reaching for the acceptable or "normal" range for four functional factors: Strength, Flexibility, Coordination and Stamina.


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What is Normal? Normal is typically confused with what is typical. Normal is what is observed and reflects the state of the majority. Normal is what happens ordinarily. Normal is not what is possible. Normal is not what is desirable. Normal is not what is best.


For us, Normal is something totally different. Normal is your best. Normal is what follows the "norm" or the effect of the "rule" and the "rule" is the expression of what is done correctly, well and subject to the highest standard. For us then, Normal is Ideal. When things are done the best way, one achieves the best results: That is the Norm, that is ideal, that is best.


But we are all different, and then it is also true, that the "norm" is also different for each one of us at one point, and we need to know what that is in order to achieve maximal benefits. 

We are dealing with true and manageable cause and effect physiological and rehabilitative processes. There is no magic to them: You eat well, your body gets what it needs, you are healthy. You sleep well, your body restores itself how it should, you are more alert and mentally capable. You exercise well and, well, you get the idea. The same applies to everything one does in life, and your own physical and mental condition is not an exception. 

To live will, you have to "do" well. To be Happy, you have to "do" happy. In order to do either, or both, you have to be yourself. Your true and best self: Your "Norm"


But what if your own state prevents you from "bettering yourself"?  What if your joint pain disables you from moving? What if your muscle weakness does not enable you to do much? What if your situation is such that, starting at zero is not possible? What if you are stuck in bad and you can't get to good?


Well, then, we begin before "zero", before "able", before "strong" or "well" and we build from there. We begin behind the state of weakness and disability by assisted movement, until we pass that line and progress forward into the best possible expression. We do so diligently, patiently and more than anything else; Wisely.


Body Boost is just that, is a way to assist you in moving beyond your limits until you catch up and progress further on your own. We go from assistance into resistance gradually. We take away the negative effects of training by providing with physiologically effective means of discarding the undesirable products of exercise. 

With the combination of both, assistance into resistance and physiological recovery and enhancement interventions, we move you forward from the normal that should not be, to the normal of what is best possible.

As it is with our overall strategy: 

Our combined or coupled therapeutic modality strategy aims at: Reducing muscular tension which can affect origin and attachment of muscles and create painful inflammatory reactions. Increasing blood flow to the area to "wash away" inflammation mediators and assist in the nutrient and reparation driven processes. Restoring function (reflex and voluntary) to joints and muscles associated with the headache complex and decreasing the pain by inducing the production of endorphins.

With the addition of our free, self help in clinic rehabilitation program, each patient can then continue with the process of changing the failed structure (short tight and weak muscles and ligaments) into functional and structurally sound ones. 

As mentioned, our concentrated sessions combine several modalities and muscle rehabilitation strategies to boost your healing process and our "in clinic" rehabilitation programs (free to you) can assist you in your attempt at resolving this issues permanently.

We combine these modalities, as prescribed individually: (Click on the •name for more information if desired)

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