ICC Aesthetic restoration is a specialty dedicated to assisting the body through muscle, joint and nerve reflex alignment where the result is structural beauty.

Aligned Neckline


Effectiveness of Chiropractic: Click Here

Effects of exercise on cardiovascular performance in the elderly

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Effects of exercise training in the elderly: impact of progressive- resistance training on skeletal muscle and whole-body protein metabolism.

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A Review of the Effects of Physical Activity and Exercise on Cognitive and Brain Functions in Older Adults

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Physical activity is medicine for older adults

  1. Denise Taylor

Esthetics is an important part of your functional life. If you don't think that you look good, you don't feel good and that affects a great many things. 

There are many resources to aid in esthetics, some as drastic as surgery, but many that are simple and very effective.

Many times patients undergo unnecessary surgery, like in the case of breast reduction surgery to decrease the weight of the breast, implying that it is this factor that leads to rounded shoulders and curved back which are not esthetically pleasing and cause pain. With our program, this surgical procedure is very many times unnecessary.

Correction of the "buffalo hump" is also many times remedied with conservative care.

These are the structural corrections that we specialize in:

    Swayed neck

    Swayed back

     Unbalanced shoulders

    Swayed neck    

     Misaligned hips

    Tilted Shoulders

    Short Neck

    Rounded Shoulders

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We can do our best to help you with our esthetics structural realignment programs. These, like our other programs are synergistic complementary systems. To achieve our goals, we utilize combined medical strategies (MedTech, KiroPluss, VitalMed) and cooperate with other professionals to offer you a comprehensive process that contributes towards your desired esthetic goal.

We combine these modalities, as prescribed individually: (Click on the name for more information if desired)

What our patients say about ICC's Flex-Balance-Coordinate Boost System:

"Veldig fornøyd og de brukte god tid"


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